What Happens to that Guitar you Just Sold?

Six months after you sell a guitar to an entry-level customer, do you know where it ends up? Nine times out of 10, under a bed. Or in a closet. Or leaning, unused, against a wall. Or it’s been sold. Why? Because nine out of 10 beginning guitar players quit before they reach the skill level where they can gain enjoyment from their instrument. That's an incredible quit rate!

Enter Musopia, the mobile app studio based in Helsinki, Finland. Through partnerships such as Justin Guitar Beginners Course, Musopia is working to lower the quit rate and nurture beginners into life-long players.

In addition, Musopia collects valuable data about your customers—that you're not going to find anywhere else—and presents it to you with curated insights. Not only can you segment your customers by demographic and behavioral data; for example, what songs or genres of music they're learning, but you can engage with those highly targeted segments through in-app messaging.

Contact Us and Inside Track will analyze your current digital program and determine if a custom mobile app is right for you.

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