A Tradition Born in the Pacific Northwest

Just north of Tacoma and a bit south of Seattle lies Vashon Island, Washington. Each weekday morning, Jason Lollar and Stephanie Lollar board a ferry that takes them across the Puget Sound to the mainland. From there, they make the short drive to their workshop in downtown Tacoma where all Lollar pickups are handcrafted by their team of 15 highly dedicated artisans.

Jason wrote the book on pickup building. Literally. Basic Pickup Winding and Complete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder was first published in 1993 and is now in its third edition. Jason and Stephanie founded Lollar Pickups in 1999 and continue to oversee production of each Lollar pickup.

A Fanatic Devotion to Quality

So what’s the Lollar difference? Each Lollar pickup is built from beginning to end by a single, highly-trained artisan. Before they can build pickups for sale, each artisan must complete a 12 month apprenticeship. And not only are the artisans expert pickup builders, they’re also tone-obssesed electric guitarists who care deeply about each pickup they create. The result is a fanatic devotion to quality, the likes of which you’ll never find at a mass-market factory where pickups are manufactured “assembly line” style.

There are other things too. Every alnico magnet is charged to a specific gauss strength unique to each pickup model. Each pickup model has a different wax potting spec depending on how lively it should sound. Exposed humbucker bobbins are hand polished. Single coil flatwork is laser cut for precision dimensions. Metal parts are covered with protective tape for protection. And every pickup is individually hand-signed by the artisan who built it.

You Should Hear Yourself

The result of all this is a pickup that just sounds better. Lollar pickups provide more dimensionality in tone. Less compression. More clarity. More dynamic range. More "air." When you first try a set of Lollar pickups, you’ll hear yourself in a whole new way.

If you’re an electric guitar player, pro-level artist, or luthier, now’s time to upgrade to Lollar pickups. Contact Inside Track™ to learn how.

Lollar Pickups