What Happens to that Guitar you Just Sold?

Six months after you sell a guitar to an entry-level customer, do you know where it ends up? Nine times out of 10, it's under a bed. Or in a closet. Or leaning, unused, against a wall. Or it’s been sold. Why? Because nine out of 10 beginning guitar players quit before they reach the skill level where they can gain enjoyment from their instrument. That's an incredible quit rate!

Enter FourChords, the flagship guitar karaoke app from Musopia, mobile app developers from Finland. Imagine your customer opens her guitar case and finds a hangtag or a case candy card instructing her to download FourChords—and providing a promo code for a full month’s worth of instruction, for free. When she activates the code, the app re-skins itself and now contains your logos and images. Now, in effect, it's your app!

FourChords teaches her how to tune the guitar. Then it gives her clear instructions on how to play her first song to an adjustable  backing track. There is a proven “learning path” which offers her a fast-track for playing her favorite songs by learning easy versions of a few chords. The learning process consists of fun micro-challenges that keep her motivated and give her a feeling of accomplishment. The app even "listens" to her and offers constructive feedback as to which chords she has mastered and which need more work—and provides tutorials to master the tricky chords.

Meet Your Customers

In addition, FourChords collects valuable data about your customers—that you're not going to find anywhere else—and presents it to you with an easy-to-navigate Data Dashboard. Not only can you segment your customers by demographic and behavioral data; for example, what songs or genres of music they're learning, but you can engage with those highly targeted segments through in-app messaging.

Contact Us and Inside Track will put together a program whereby you can bundle FourChords with your products, provide a value add, gain brand impressions, and learn valuable insights about your customers.

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